Stocked Valves

We stock a range of triodes and pentodes that we recommend for and have tested in our amplifiers and pre-amps. All valves were purchased from USSR government surplus stores and auctions, most were supplied in the original factory boxes. Some (typically rarer, more expensive stock) were bought in lots/quads when they could be found.

If the valve is available in its original individual box, the listing will state NIB, otherwise the valves will be supplied individually wrapped for protection. (New boxes are available if required for non NIB valves).

All valves are new (NOS) and will be tested before dispatch to ensure they are within the specified limits for a new valve of their type.

If valves are bought in pairs/quads for use in our amplifiers then they will be supplied with basic matching to work with our amplifier. If accuracy of 5% or less is desired, then an extra fee will be charged for premium matching.

Datasheets are available for all valves on request.

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All of the valves we stock sound fantastic and the differences between the sound produced by each type are very subtle.
We have also tried NOS Tesla and Siemens E88CC and brand new ElectroHarmonix 6922EH Gold which are very similar to the 6N23P

The following is the list of valves we stock and their price (each). Valves are available in small quantities and are intended for use with and are tested for use in our amplifiers.
Prices are inclusive of VAT which will be charged at the rate applicable at the date of sale, currently 20%.
Postage and packing will be charged depending on the number of valves purchased and the service required, e.g. First or Second Class, Signed for, Parcel Force Tracked 48hr etc.

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Getter Supports: S (Non-MIL version Single), D (MIL ruggedized Double), T (MIL ruggedized Triple)
Pins: S (Silver colour - plated), G (Grey)

Image Valve/Tube Cyrillic/OEM Brand Date Codes OTK MIL Getter Support Pins Box Price Comments/Description/Observations
6N1P 6N1P 6H1П Russian Various S G Bulk £4.50 These are Voskhod but no rocket logo, great sounding valves. 3000 hr life.
6N1P 6N1P 6H1П Voskhod '81 & '86 S G Bulk £6.50 The classic 6N1P tube from Voskhod, Kaluga, great sound. 3000 hr life.
6N1P-EV 6N1P-EV 6H1П-EB Voskhod '84, '88 & '90 Yes D S Bulk £8.50 MIL ruggedized version of the 6N1P, a great valve. Extended life 5000hr.
6N1P-EV 6N1P-EV 6H1П-EB Nevz '72 Yes D S Bulk £8.50 Nevz version of the 6N1P-EV.
6N1P-VI 6N1P-VI 6H1П-BИ Nevz '88 & '90 Yes D S NIB £8.00 The 6N1P-VI version is optimised for pulse operation, handles high peak current really well; good for an output stage. MIL ruggedized, 3000hr.
6N6P 6N6P 6H6П Nevz '80 to '87 S G Bulk £10.00 Taller tube, higher power, lower gain, double triode, designed for audio. Sounds similar to the 6N23P-EV i.e. excellent! Slightly lower gain. 2000hr.
6N6P 6N6P 6H6П Nevz '86 Yes D S Bulk £12.50 If you have plenty of input this is a great valve. A power rating of 4.8W/triode (8W total) also makes the 6N6P a great output stage triode. 2000hr. These are all MIL OTK inspection stamped.
6N23P 6N23P 6H23П Voskhod '80 08 '83 01 '93 01   S G Bulk

£12.50 The basic 6N23P valve from Voskhod all with the rocket logo - the earlier ones also bear the CCCP (SSSR) logo. Very open frame anode, whole heater and grid visible - very attractive valve with a fantastic sound. 3000hr.
6N23P 6N23P 6H23П Reflektor '67 to '74 Yes D G Bulk

£30.00 A rare MIL ruggedized, version of the basic 6N23P valve. Boxed anode, fantastic sound. (Older valves; some of the logos and stamps are worn). 5000hr. (Note the datasheet says the life is the same as the - EV version).
6N23P-EV 6N23P-EV 6H23П-EB Reflektor '73 to '90 Yes D S New/ NIB £37.50 Best of the bunch. Military ruggedized, extended life version. Stunning sound, real clarity and depth of sound. 5000hr.
6N23P-EV 6N2P-EV 6H2П-EB Voskhod '83 Yes D S NIB* £8.50 Higher gain for lower input signal applications. Impeccable sound, Military ruggedized, extended life, in a factory box. 5000hr
6N23P-EV 6N2P-EV 6H2П-EB Voskhod '82 Yes D S NIB £9.00 Higher gain, for lower input signal applications. Impeccable sound, Military ruggedized, extended life, in original boxes. 5000hr.
*bought in bulk packaging but a stock of original boxes is available

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Image Valve/Tube Cyrillic/OEM Brand Date Codes OTK MIL Getter Support Pins Box Price Comments/Description/Observations
6P14P 6P14P 6П14П Reflektor '80 to '91 S G Bulk £9.50 The 6P14P is a great equivalent to the 6BQ5/EL84 pentode but with higher power capability, (14W not 12W anode power). 3000hr
6P14P-EV 6P14P-EV 6П14П-EB Reflektor '83, '84, & '89 Yes T S NIB/ Bulk £15.00 Extended life, ruggedized version of this great pentode. Often re-branded as a premium EL84 or 7189 tube. 5000h.
6P14P-ER 6P14P-ER 6П14П-EP Reflektor '90s and 91-11 Yes T S NIB/ New Box £28.00 The ultimate 6P14P/EL84/6BQ5 valve, only ever available for military use, 10,000hr rated. Simply the best of its type available. Like the 6P14P-EB - these are often re-branded. These are the original Reflektor 6P14P-ER valves.
6P3S 6P3S 6П6C Reflektor 1982 & 89/90 Yes N/A S NIB/ Bulk £15 Russian Military output beam tetrode- not to be confused with the -E variant which has much lower Anode and second grid voltage. This is a solid, good valve. Near Equivalents; 6L6, 6L6GT, 6L6GC, 5881.
6P3P-J 6P3P-J Guigang 95 N/A S NIB £19.5 Big bottle Chinese output beam tetrode from the factory that was (allegedly) bought by PSVANE. A beautiful valve to look at - and it sounds good too. All are tested thoroughly. Near Equivalent; 6L6GC. The -J denotes a higher level of quality screening.