Professional Firework Displays

We believe that every firework display should be different, special, exciting! Tell us your ideas and we'll tailor a display to suit you and your event.

From smaller, intimate displays to huge, exotic bursts of sound and colour; all tastes can be catered for, all occasions made even more special. We can even do a quieter display - if you or your venue insist!

  • A Firework Solutions Limited display, with a multi-coloured fireworks
  • A Firework Solutions Limited wedding display, featuring a red heart for the happy couple
  • A Firework Solutions Limited display, a beautiful large display in Dorset
  • A Firework Solutions Limited display, a large scale display with bright red fireworks

Prices and Offers

Our fireworks display prices depend on the size of the venue, the number of guests, the duration and intensity of the display and your expectations and desires! Please contact us to get a competitive quote for your event; there are lots of videos on our YouTube channel that you can look at to see what we do (and to help choose effects you really like).

We will design your bespoke fireworks display to match your budget, the venue and your event - for something different; ask us about our 'Pick Your Own Display' option!

We believe our displays are all extremely competitive for the quality of display and the quality of service we provide; please check out our customer feedback on Freeindex to see what our customers say about us!

If you have been given a sensible quotation from another professional provider we will always be happy to discuss it, match or beat it!
Price Guarantee: We will not be beaten on price when compared on a like for like basis.
Please be wary of suppliers who claim to offer you a fantastic display for 5 minutes for significantly less than our budget display; there is a real chance that you will be disappointed. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Our quotation will be all inclusive; including: a site survey, hazard & risk assessment, the display design, supply of fireworks and bespoke effects, technicians to rig, fire the display and clear up after the show, full liability insurance cover and notification to the local police and fire authorities as appropriate. We are happy to work with your venue or event manager.

*Please note that in order for us to be able to provide a fair price match with another supplier's quotation, it will need to have sufficient detail in it to allow a sensible comparison e.g. a firing order and total NEC (weight of explosives in the show). We have provided hubndreds of displays and care of our professional Display Manager Software we can compare any quotation against any display we have ever done.


♥ Wedding firework special offer

Book our Entry Level Wedding Fireworks Display and get two initials for free if you order a red heart set piece to start or end the display!

We will try to find a solution whatever your budget, normally we recommend not going below our entry level display budget, although this can be achieved by going for a shorter or less spectacular display. Please contact us with your requirements so we can find you a solution!

If you prefer, for Bonfire Night, Chinese New Year, New Year's eve and Diwali, you can buy fireworks from us in the form of DIY fireworks display packs as well - made to order and boxed ready for you to collect (local delivery may be an option).

Note for some venues and dates (e.g. two weeks either side of high season events such as Bonfire Night, New Year's eve and Chinese New Year) the minimum display prices have to be higher to cover additional costs at that time/venue. The price we quote you for your display will be completely inclusive and take in to account the venue and any restrictions on the size or type of display they allow, the date, the cost of transport to and from the venue and the number of crew required to provide your display. Offers published on this page cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that have been published elsewhere and are entirely at FSLs discretion.

Price Increases 2022

Having survived COVID restrictions, in 2021 we were then hit with significant firework stock cost increases; between 15 and 22%.
Thanks to a 20% increase in stock prices and a 400% increase in transportation costs to the UK - partly COVID, partly Brexit related - this year we have yet again seen additional increases in stock prices between 22% and 45%.
This is a total increase of between 40% and about 75% in the last 18 months. These cost increases are impacting the entire Fireworks Industry.
It is suspected that as a result of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict that there will be further increases in transportation costs, energy costs and inflation, so we are expecting yet further cost increases in every aspect of running a business.
Much of my 2022 stock has already been ordered or is on order to try to mitigate this situation; I can only hope my suppliers are able honour the prices I have been quoted.
We can no longer afford to absorb cost increases of this magnitude and sady, this year it means we have had to increase our prices.
We still operate under our price guarantee (see above) and continue to provide displays of exceptionally high quality that offer great value for money.
If you have already booked your display with us, rest adssured the price we quoted when you booked is fixed and it will not increase.
New enquiries after March 2022 will be quoted at the new prices.

Display Ideas

  • Confetti

    Wedding Fireworks display favourite! Twinkling lights and bouquets of colour. Add a personal message lancework as a touching tribute.
  • True Romance

    Walk hand in hand by the riverside with weeping willows, sparkling fountains and waterfalls and love hearts in the sky. (At least, that's how we see it!)
  • Pick your own!

    Why not let your guests choose and sponsor your fireworks! We'll send you a spreadsheet of fireworks and effects to send to your guests and instead of choosing more 'useful' wedding presents from a list; get them to sponsor a firework, contribute towards the display or choose an effect for your celebration display? This can really work! For a previous wedding we raised enough to fund a truly BIG display and had £500 left over towards the honeymoon!
  • Tropical Party

    Perfect for an extra special Summer's evening. A cocktail of coconuts, palm trees and colour - we'll even throw in an umbrella!
  • The Big Gnab

    Like the Universe, but backwards! Starting quietly, building to a Big Bang finale.
  • The Inheritance Display

    STARTS with a BANG.. and gets bigger! Not for the faint hearted!